The time of perfection

Clouds and sky and the light of the heavens fascinate me. I sometimes wonder if that is because, from the time I was a little girl, I was taught the hope of Acts 1:10, 11–that someday Jesus Christ would return to earth in the same way He ascended to heaven, in the clouds.

There comes a time when we all have to make the choice whether or not we’ll believe what we were taught as children. And if we believe this hope that Jesus is again coming back to earth and if we live on this hope, then it changes how we view all of life and death and what is happening around us. It means we know there is more to come beyond the days we’re living now with jobs and bills, sickness and wars, politics and poverty. There is a time of perfection coming, and Christ’s return will usher in that time.

Why would we believe this? Do we have evidence it will happen? Does logic point toward this conclusion? Is there any anecdotal experience on which we can base our expectation?

Our hope rests on one thing: God says it will happen.


Thoughts from  Facing the Future, Copyright © 2020 JPV Press, to be released April 28, 2020. Used with permission

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