He’s never shaken

This is what our hope knows: God’s plans will win out.

Even now, although the world seems to be filled with so much that would puncture our hope, we know that God’s plans are still in place. He says He is still the same God who molded dust to make us. He has not changed throughout all of human history. His promises stand. His plans have not changed. They are firmly in place, in progress, and they will all be completed.

On the cover of the fourth Hope Knows book is a flowering almond branch. It recalls the Lord’s words to Jeremiah, who saw an almond branch in a vision. “And the Lord said… it means that I am watching, and I will certainly carry out all my plans” (Jeremiah 1:11, 12).

God’s promises and plans will not be shaken. We can live with great expectation!


Thoughts from  Facing the Future, Copyright © 2020 JPV Press, NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon or from JPV Press at http://www.jpvpress.com.

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