“Rejoice forever in my creation” *

To my mind, the best time to walk is early morning, just as a new day is born, before the world — and my mind and soul — are cluttered with the day’s traffic and smudged and torn. I like to be early enough to catch those few seconds when the world seems to hold its breath, wondering at the new day. Then, all seems fresh, new, unspoiled, and almost perfect, and there is so much glory that no brush or camera can convey it.

It’s an illusion, of course. This world — and my mind and soul — are quite smudged and torn. Any picture we have of “perfection” in this world is far from accurate. Actually, it’s more serious than smudges and tears. Romans 8 names the real condition: death and decay.

But God’s promise is that perfection is coming! We’ll see an entirely new creation, bursting with glory and free from every hint of death or decay. The renewed earth will be healed and complete. And God’s family will get to enjoy it forever.

Early in the morning, I sometimes feel the earth pause for a millisecond, poised at the edge of a new day. And at those times, I can feel the expectation as creation wonders: Will this be the day?

* See Isaiah 65:17, 18

Thoughts from  Facing the Future, Copyright © 2020 JPV Press, to be released April 28, 2020. Used with permission

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