New Boundless devotional

A cup of coffee’s good. Laughter and/or commiseration with friends helps. A walk in nature refreshes.

But none of those will help get you through the day like the assurance, the absolute knowing that the Shepherd of your soul is with you every minute of the day, caring about you, acting for you. 

A new Boundless issue is now available on Amazon. 31 devotionals to remind you of His constant presence and provision.

With contributions from Vicki VanNatta, Elaine Starner, Mary Jane Smith, Stephanie Moniger, Bonnie Merrill, Emily M. Leonard, and Tammy Blake.

Available as a paperback with space to journal, or as an ebook with hyperlinks to make reading additional Scriptures even easier.

Also coming very soon: A special Advent issue of Boundless, Morning Light from Heaven. Devotionals for the month of December.  

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