News about the Hope Knows books

What hope is there in this world?

Those who belong to Christ have hope for every hour and every season of their lives, hope that affects our past, every minute of today, and all our tomorrows.

If you have been thinking about exploring the Hope Knows books, now is the time!

The publisher, JPV Press, will no longer be publishing these books. The books will be available in the future—in a second edition, from a different publisher.

But if you want the beautiful books JPV Press published as the first edition, they are currently running a special sale. If you order a single book, you’ll get 25% off the retail. Order the full set, and you’ll get 50% off.

As far as I know, these discounts are good through the end of this year. Once their inventory is gone, they will not be printing more. (If there are changes to that, I’ll post information here.)

A quick overview of the four books:

Getting Through Today was the first book to be released and continues to be the best seller. For many people, their greatest concern is simply “How am I going to get through this today?” The God of all hope has provided everything we need. These devotional readings look at those promises in depth.

Beyond the Past declares God’s reality: For those in Christ, the old is gone, the new is here! Thank God, He has taken care of our past. We need not be chained by it. A greater part of the book reminds us of and celebrates the new we have been given.

Facing the Future is not a book about prophecy. Instead, it’s a look at the clear promises of God, a reminder of what we can absolutely count on as we face tomorrow.

Can God be Trusted? addresses that key question. Because if we can’t trust God, then all this talk about hope is futile and foolish.

The books are available on Amazon and from Faith View Books (330-674-0684), but if you want the special discounts, call JPV Press directly at 844-260-4578 and ask for this special pricing.

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