We’re on a mission

Many people today feel as though their lives have been “put on hold.” Almost everything that defined life two months ago is now limited—or off limits completely. Jobs, social circles, everyday errands and shopping, church services, sports events—the list goes on and on. “We’ve just got to get through this.”

The apostle Paul makes a jarring statement in Acts 20:22-24: He says he has no idea what lies ahead, but the Spirit has shown him that in every city, he’ll meet suffering and jail time. We have no idea what lies ahead, either, but I have to wonder what my response would be to a revelation that my future holds constant suffering and even jail.

Then comes this statement from Paul: “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it to finish the work Christ gave me.”

That lights a fire in me.

Christ made us partners in His mission to bring people back to God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Our mission has not been put on hold during these days when life has changed so drastically. No matter if the world is blasted with a pandemic, shredded by an economic collapse, torn by war, living in uneasy peace or rocketing prosperity—we’re partnered with the one about whom prophecy said, “The Lord’s good plan will prosper in his hands.”* Our mission still shapes every day. That’s what defines and gives meaning to our lives, children of God. And we’re in His hands.

(My apologies for “stretching” this a little further than the promised “short” blogs. Today, I felt compelled to expand these thoughts to include our current life situation.)

*see Isaiah 53:10

Thoughts from  Facing the Future, Copyright © 2020 JPV Press, to be released April 28, 2020. Used with permission



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