Our God rules–and has a plan

Whether we’re talking about personal history or world history, if everything begins and ends with our efforts and our plans, our track record does not bode well for the future.

But my hope knows this: Our future does not begin and end with us. We are living within a much larger plan. Our King is the First and the Last.

God assures us that He has a plan for all He created—for the natural world, for those whose hope rests on Him, and for those who resist and rebel against Him. And He assures us He is working, hour by hour, and His plan is unfolding. Nothing will stop Him. He is going to accomplish His plan.

And so we keep moving forward, with our eyes on Him, because the future will unfold according to His purposes, and we belong to and are very precious to Him.


Thoughts from  Facing the Future, Copyright © 2020 JPV Press, to be released April 28, 2020. Used with permission

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