“Future” is coming!

God knew about this 17 years ago, when He began to stir things in my heart. He knew I was headed toward a major change in my life. He knew that the one book I intended to write would grow into four books, quite different than what I had planned. He knew why I was convinced to change my path of publishing the Hope books.

Three of the Hope Knows books were released in 2018 in rapid succession, within months of each other. But the fourth book—all about Christians’ hope for the future—well, that volume, I kept telling people, was still “in the future.”

I was disappointed that I couldn’t meet my deadline for the fourth book and by the subsequent news from the publisher that the book wouldn’t be released until 2020. Almost two years later than the first one! But God knew what “March madness 2020” was going to be, and He knew all about the frenzy of fear and fretting that would wash over our country.

He knew that I would need to go back and read the words I had written years earlier, would need to remind myself of hope we can hold onto as we peer into the future. As I wrote the words of Facing the Future, I never imagined what 2020 would bring to our lives.  

And that’s just it—we don’t have a clue what is coming tomorrow, next week, or next year. If we’ve learned anything in the last month, it is this: In spite of all our planning and our attempts to “secure” our future, we can’t.


Except, there is this: God says there are things we can know for certain about tomorrow. There are ways our future can be secure. God tells us about those sure things. In His kindness, He gives us unbreakable promises about what is ahead. Our hope knows and lives on those promises. These are things we can be sure of, no matter what happens in our world. How can we lay an unshakable foundation for our lives when the future is so uncertain? Only by building on what God says is the reality of tomorrow.

 Facing the Future will be released on April 28, 2020. It celebrates God’s future for all who belong to Jesus Christ, those who are God’s children.

For each of the next twelve days, I’ll pull a word of hope from one of the twelve chapters in the book. No long blogs, just a condensed droplet of good news to refresh your day… and your hope

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