1 Peter: Living in great expectation

This is the ninth (and last) in a series on 1 Peter. The series begins here.



Need some good news? This world finds it increasingly difficult to find any good news to report. And I agree. Terrible things are happening on this planet hanging in space.

But my sojourn with Peter has opened my eyes to other things besides the evening news and newspaper headlines. I hope that has happened for you, too. Because there is reason to be truly glad. There is great joy ahead, and how wonderful for us to be able to live in great expectation!

Peter opens his letter with those phrases. Be truly glad, he writes. There is wonderful joy ahead. Even though things might be pretty grim now.

As citizens of another kingdom, we can look beyond what is happening here. That’s not to say we simply stick our head in the sand and wait for some glorious future day. No, God’s Word is clear that we have responsibilities in this world and we’ll have hard times on our way home.

But this is the good news—there’s coming a day when Satan no longer rules our world. We will eventually live in a world where Christ rules, and the earth is filled with the righteousness and glory of our God!

Ah…now that will be something, won’t it?

And there’s more—we have an inheritance waiting for us. We’ll claim a birthright beyond anything we can dream of inheriting here in this world. God’s children are due for great joy, my sisters and brothers!

Yet our joy does not rest only on expectation of that future day.

When Peter sent this encouragement to Christians mired in tough times (that would be us today, too), I believe he was saying that we can live expectantly and gladly because there is great joy ahead in the next moment, in tomorrow, waiting in next week, and next month.

When he writes that the reward for trusting Jesus will be the salvation of our souls, he was also talking about today, right now, this moment.

Don’t our souls need rescuing every day? Don’t we need the protection, the strength, the firm foundation that Jesus brings to us now? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Our souls are rescued on a daily basis, because we trust Him. He promises restoration and support as we grapple with life, now, in this world.

God is at work. The evening news doesn’t report it. But He’s at work among His children, in His own household, and in the world that does not yet know Him.

He had plans before the beginning of time. He has plans for after the end of time. And we are a part of it all. His holy nation. The temple He is building here on earth. Partners with Christ in His work.

If Peter were writing today, I’m sure he’d tweet this line:

It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen (1 Peter 1:12).

Be truly glad, my brothers and sisters. There is great joy ahead.

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