A few updates

If you came to my site yesterday, you might have thought you were imagining things:  One moment, these pages had one look, one photo, one color, and within another minute, everything had changed. Spring cleaning fever has set in, so it’s time for some freshening up. And like rearranging furniture, I changed my mind at least a dozen times. Sorry if I made anyone dizzy.

I had a winter scene up there for awhile, but in spite of the fact that we still have lots of snow on the ground and the temps are still in the teens, I just could not resist the cheerful, hopeful crocus. Spring is definitely on its way! (No, there are no crocuses yet … this photo was from a previous year.)

Just wanted to alert you to a new page on this site, the CONTACT tab just above the header photo.

I set up this page for two reasons.

First, I realize there are times readers may want to contact me but do not want their message to appear on the public pages in the Comments section. I’ve set up a new email address solely for this purpose. Any messages sent to that address will appear only in my private Inbox.

The second reason I created a new way to contact me is because some readers have reported that they tried to Comment, but encountered problems. Until I can troubleshoot that and find a fix, if you DO want to add a comment to a post and the site will not allow it, just shoot me an email with your comment and be sure to let me know you DO want it added. I’ll put it out there for you.

It’s not ideal, I know. But at least your thoughts will add to the discussion, even if the site is a bit stubborn and resistant.

Happy spring day! (Even if you’re shivering.)

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