Back to the basics for the New Year

Making New Year’s resolutions today? I’ve done my share over the years, but until the end of the year I don’t even remember them. In this guest post, Mary Jane Smith suggests we stick to the basics — God’s basics.


Packing Up

II Cor. 5: 17  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.”

The Christmas season is by far my favorite time of year.  Especially here in Florida, I miss the four seasons of Ohio – but I certainly do not miss the cold, rainy, snowy winters there!

Today as I started my day, I thought back to my Holiday decoration and the pleasure I receive from the sparkling white lights and the ornaments collected over my lifetime.  Some are treasured ones passed down from family who have long ago gone to be with Jesus.  Some are lovingly hand-painted and were given to me this year.  Each one represents a time and a story from my life and special people and events that touched my life.

I sigh as I realize as quickly as it came, Christmas is over for this year, and I must face the “take-down” process . . . the boxing and storing of precious items to wait for another year to be brought out and carefully placed again next year.  As everything gets put away, I remember when I was younger, this was my day to make my resolutions!  I no longer sit down and “make a list” like I did back then.

However, I do meditate on what Jesus has brought me through during the year.  Only He knows what I will face as the New Year dawns.  I review areas of my life that need attention and pray for His guidance to either alter or change areas completely as He points them out to me.  My goals have become less dramatic as I age.  I am no longer focused on “making a living”, so much as “making a life” that pleases my Father.

As I look around the living room, now clear of the Holiday decorations, it is back to basics.  This reminds me that God wants us always to go back to His basics — prayer, Bible study, and worship.  If I continue to stay connected to my Father through prayer; remain immersed in His Word; and faithfully gather with my church family to worship, I will not need to depend on resolutions to make the New Year a better year.

God already knows what the coming year holds for each of us.  So, for a wonderful New Year all we need is to stay connected to our Father and walk the path He directs regardless of the circumstances.  We will be able to look back and like Paul, we can say . . . “the old has gone, the new has come.”



2 thoughts on “Back to the basics for the New Year

  1. As I read this, I wondered if I wrote it and used another name! Absolutely agree and can identify with all she said!

  2. Thank you so much, Ethel. I hesitated to even provide this to Elaine because it is so different from my other devotionals. Have a truly blessed New Year!

    Mary Jane

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