On Waiting for God

I’ve been impatient about many things lately. No, more accurately, I’ve been impatient all my life. God’s timing often seems much too slow for me. I know His time is not my time, but still … Why not do this now, Lord? Why not judge this now? Why not fix this now? Why not bestow the blessing or the joy or the answer now? Why not show me this now?

I wrote recently about one particular blessing in waiting. But my usual attitude is, What’s the point of waiting?

This morning, I timed my walk perfectly. Deep rose, crimson, and purple on the eastern horizon heralded the rising sun:

 Morning glory

I turned my back for only a few minutes to climb a hill (lots of those around here), and when I turned again toward the east, the sky was gray with heavy clouds muffling all but a trace of color.

 Morning Sky


Isn’t this the rhythm of our spiritual days? Sometimes our days blaze with God’s glory, full and spectacular. We can’t miss it. We fall at His feet in reverence and awe and praise and worship and thankfulness. But at other times clouds block our view of the glory. We see darker skies, portents of rain or storm, and we lose sight of the intensity and glory.

Yet I know the sun came up today. The day is already growing lighter and warmer. The sun will march across the sky and nothing will prevent the morning from turning into noon and then evening.

Our God is even more unstoppable and persistent than the sun.

My sister remarked recently that there are so many Scriptures full of promises to those who wait on God. Wait. Wait. Wait through cloudy days and wait through the glorious, light-filled days. We must wait on God, and we will see His glory.

Of course, my first impulse was to not even wait for the Scriptures—I took out my phone to call my sis and ask her to send me a list of those verses ASAP so I could write this post. Nope, did not want to wait to do the searching myself (even though I know what a blessing comes with that searching).

But I did not dial. I will wait upon God as I look, myself, for His promises about waiting.

I’ll get back to you and share what I’ve found … but you may have to wait a few days.

In the meantime, you could start searching for those promises yourself. And I am so certain of God’s dependability and steadfastness that I can promise you’ll catch some of God’s fantastic glory in the process. 

I’m sure of it.


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