I’ve been wrestling with some of our oft-used words like hope and eternal life. And I thank the Lord that when we are wrestling, He sheds light on truths we need to discover. I’ve been amazed sometimes that just when I’m pondering a certain point … along comes a conversation or a devotional or a Scripture that is exactly what I needed to hear right then. Is it God sending me answers? Or the Spirit tuning me in to hear what I need? However or whatever, I am thankful.

And the word that has been on my mind—and in God’s spotlight for me—lately is eternity.  

Not an easy subject. And one quite foreign to our usual see-hear-touch-prove mentality. Nevertheless, for the next seven days I’d like to share some of the thoughts and truths that have come recently. And I’ll also revisit old, familiar truths that have hit me with new impact.

Just a few questions to get us focused:

Do we really believe we will live forever? Do we believe we will go on living even after these bodies give out and die?

Do we think in eternal terms? Does the eternal have anything to do with today, or is it just some nice, comforting words we say because we are afraid of thinking about the end of our earthly lives?

Do we need some new ways to think about immortality? 

Well, if you’re ready to dive into eternity ….   


One thought on “Eternity

  1. Regarding hope…I was reading a story and they told of Zeus giving Pandora a wedding gift of a beautiful box and told her never to open it. Well, every day she looked at and wondered what was inside of it. It drove her crazy wondering what was inside of this box. She wondered why she shouldn’t open it. Finally, she could no longer bear the agony of not knowing and got the key and opened the box. She wondered if she would find beautiful jewelry, a silk scarf or maybe a large sum of money? Her excitement quickly turned to horror when inside she found all the evils she could think of…terrible miseries, sadness, anger, pain, all shaped like tiny buzzing moths. They stung her over and over again. She slammed the box shut. Her husband found her crying in pain. But that wasn’t the end because Pandora could still hear a voice calling from the box, pleading with her to be let out. They agreed that nothing in the box could be worse than the horrors that had already been released, so they opened the lid once more, and they found something she had left behind. Hope.

    Sometimes you have to go through the really hard times to find hope.

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