Afraid of the future?

“The outlook is so gloomy…” he admitted.

“I’m scared! I’m really scared!” she said.

They were in their mid-sixties, involved in a discussion about getting older and wrangling with medical issues and the health care system. But the comments could possibly be heard in a group of 21-year-olds talking about a bleak job market or 45-year-olds watching plummeting stock numbers or parents sending their twelve-year-old off to junior high.

On a larger scale, those comments can come at any time in a country’s history—during a time of riots and civil war, under a regime of a persecuting tyrant, in the shadow of a threatening cloud of nuclear annihilation, the insanity of terrorism, or—well, just look at the stories on the weather channel these days.

At any point in our lives, we could easily look ahead with anxiety and fear. Or we can listen to the voice of the Creator who made us and loves us with a love beyond any earthly love we’ll ever know. He’s made an eternal covenant with us—do we choose to keep our eyes on the unseen and trust in all the promises and hope He’s given us?

Instead of biting our fingernails over what may lie around the bend, we can clutch more tightly the hand of the One who says, “Don’t be afraid. You are mine, and I am here to help you and will never leave you.”

To whom do we give our ear? Who do we believe? The One who created us and chose us as His beloved children? Or the world who says, “Be afraid. There is no hope”?

Jesus said we will have trouble in this life; that’s a given in this world. But He tells us that He has overcome the world, He’s greater than anything we’ll meet on this earthly plane, everything is under His authority, and everything He has is ours as well.

Whose wisdom do we trust?
Whose truth do we believe?
Where do we look for strength and encouragement?

We must make a choice.

Listen to the One who says, “I have chosen you and will not throw you away.” He gives  reassurance for times of uncertainty, strength for days of weariness, courage for moments of fear.


Scripture paraphrase from Isaiah 41:8-16

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