A few more words on forgiveness and grace

Just a few hours after I published the previous post on turning the other cheek, I picked up a novel that I’d started to read months ago but had never finished. Getting into the story, I realized it was on exactly this subject, grace and forgiveness. A man has lost everything–wife, home, business–and he has much to forgive. Unfortunately, he doesn’t even feel the need to forgive until he meets several people who teach him.

Here are a few well-written thoughts from The Road to Grace by Richard Paul Evans:

The Holocaust survivor says,

“We chain ourselves to what we will not forgive…should a Holocaust survivor chain himself forever to Hitler and his crimes? Or should he forgive and be free?”

On grace, the author notes:

And, if we travel well, we will become as grace and learn the lesson meant from the journey, not to dismiss error, but to eagerly forgive the err-er, to generously share the balm of mercy and love for, before the eyes of Heaven, we all walk as fools.  And the more we exercise our portion of faith, the better we receive it.

Generously sharing the balm of mercy and love, may we, as His beloved children, imitate our Father in all we do!

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