Warning: I may break my promise today. How is it possible to limit myself to one or two short paragraphs when writing about agape?

My Bible includes a word study section, giving definitions of a select list of Hebrew and Greek words prominent in the Scriptures. Here’s the definition of agape, the Greek word used most often for Christ’s love:

“The attitude or emotion of deep affection for another person, with a focus on loving action and not feelings alone.”

God’s love for us focuses on loving action! What if, instead, He were a god who merely sat on a celestial throne and regarded us with affection yet never came into our lives? 

What in your life has come from God’s loving action?  Where do you see His hand? How has He expressed His agape  to you?


p.s. To correctly type agape, I need that little line above the “e”. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

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