Jeremy Lin, Lin-sanity, and God

Something just a bit different here today. I don’t normally re-direct you to another web page, but sports fans might want to read this interview of Jeremy Lin. The young man is a “come-out-of-nowhere” overnight sensation–at least to the public and the media. His personal story of faith, turning all of life over to God, and desire to trust only in God is inspiring to me; I wanted to stand up and cheer and become a fan. And I’ve never watched even one NBA game.

This story is mostly for sports fans. But it’s also for all of you who praise God for every light on a candlestick burning brightly in the darkness. And for you who want to join in someone else’s journey of faith by praying for wisdom, courage, and steadfastness every time you hear his name or see a clip of him shooting a last-second three pointer.  

The story fits perfectly with our thoughts the last few weeks on trust and faith. I am especially impressed that Jeremy Lin has turned down requests for interviews, even from David Letterman, and he agreed to this one on the condition that he would talk only about his faith. 

Pray for this young warrior. He is, indeed, fighting many battles.  

Exclusive: Jeremy Lin says faith in God triggered ‘Lin-sanity’


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