Come into His presence without . . .

A guest post today from Kathy. Her questions have me thinking about making some changes myself.  Add your own ending to the above title once you’ve read her thoughts.



When she picked up the phone and answered my call, I said, “I hope I didn’t wake you.” 

Her response was, “Even worse.  You’re interrupting my Bible reading.”
I pictured a teasing smile on her face.
I have gone back to her comment a number of times since that morning, asking myself some questions, WITHOUT a teasing smile on my own face.
Why do I allow phone calls or other “pressing” details of life to interrupt my conversations with the Father?
Why do I even take my cell phone along to my place of quiet, when my desire is to spend those precious beginning moments of the day with my Savior?  The One who has given His life in my place?  The One who knows me and loves me more than anyone in my life?
After all, I do have voice mail. What message is so important that I let it disrupt preparing myself to listen to HIS message for me, for that particular day?
I know that I can have constant communication with Him as I navigate each hour of the day and night. He is always available.  But there is something luxurious and special to me about a time and a place set apart for reading, praying, listening, journaling.
For me, neglecting to take a block of time set apart with God and depending instead on little messages from Him through other means is like snacking and eating fast food for a period of time.  After a while, I crave a solid, healthy meal.  I need and want that block of time.
Without the phone.  Without other voices.  Without the laundry or the kitchen calling me.

Just stillness.
Hmmmm.  Such a privilege.


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