In the love of the Spirit

This morning, I’m simply going to pass the mike to Marc Kinna, who reminds us how important it is to pray for each other. (Click on his name to see his post)

Praying for each other not only gives more power to the mission of Christ’s church, it binds us together in the love of the Spirit and brings us together in a unity of purpose. We become God’s holy people, “consecrated and set aside for sacred use.”

So pray for those the Spirit reminds you of today, for everyone who is struggling “to do what God has called them to do.” Wouldn’t that be every one of us?

I’ll ask, specifically, for every writer on the web who puts faith-encouraging material out there … pray for us, and become a part of what we do.

Thank you!

One thought on “In the love of the Spirit

  1. I agree that we all need prayer. Especially at this particular time with the world being in a state of unrest, wars, fighting…lots of natural phenomenon happening such as earthquakes, tornades, mud slides, fires, hurricanes, etc. And…with the reminder of 9/11, we need to be “awake” and “praying” for one another. We cannot just hit the “snooze” button. I need to be reminded of this also. Thanks, Elaine.

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