What a GREAT morning!

Yes, it truly is. A little soggy, maybe, but washed and so … hopeful, don’t you think? A beautiful spring morning!

 On days like this, the music in my head (or would it be my heart?) starts automatically, and I hear a song that’s stayed with me since ‘way back in my childhood Bible School times, This is the day that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it …

And this reminds me of something I’ve been wishing for, something I’ve wanted to ask my music-tuned friends to do: Please write a new song for the verse before “This is the day…”

The words for “This is the day” come from Psalm 118:24. But take a look at verse 23:

This is the LORD’s doing,
   and it is wonderful to see.

Oh! If only I had a catchy little tune for these words!

This would be a song for those times when God’s fingerprints are all over my day.

When something happens that leaves me almost speechless because it was just so impossible, except for the One with whom nothing is impossible.

When God takes something meant for evil and makes it into something good.

When I see evidence that the Spirit is healing terrible things within that cripple and enslave.

When somehow the day brings exactly what my soul needs.

When my enemies do their best to kill me, but the LORD rescues me (Psalm 118:13).

When I catch a glimpse of what it means that Jesus has snatched me from the kingdom of darkness and placed me in His kingdom of light.

When I take the bread and the cup, and remember the price He paid for what I have done. 

When I am so grateful for this new life I’m living.

Then I want to sing this song.

This is the LORD’s doing,
   and it is wonderful to see.

So … how long will it take you to write that tune?

The LORD is God, shining upon us.   (Psalm 118:27)



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