Pray for us

Lest you think I’m complaining or whining about life in this country, I’m not! Yes, we are indeed blessed with an abundance of things and freedoms and opportunities. I am very thankful to be right where I am.

I just don’t want my vision to be limited to my earthly circumstances. I want to know–and have!–the hope and riches of my inheritance. I don’t want the abundance of everything we do enjoy to interfere with my relationship to the Almighty God. 

(Wow. That’s a pretty amazing statement, isn’t it — That we made-of-dust humans can have a relationship with the Almighty!)

As the team who went to Haiti gave their report last Sunday, one young man recounted his conversation with a Haitian who said in parting, “We will pray for you.”

And what I’ve been thinking as I write this week is this:  

Perhaps we here in the States are the ones who most need help and prayers as we seek to live in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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