Old Faithful

We had to hurry. We had only 10 minutes to find our way down the maze of walkways. The show would supposedly start in ten minutes.

Others were hurrying along, finding their way to the great outdoor theater. All of the seats nearest the entrance were taken. The huge double circle of benches around the geyser filled as the time neared for Old Faithful’s eruption. Cameras focused. Watches checked. All shapes and sizes of people gathered in anticipation. All ages and nationalities. Parents lifted small children. Everyone’s eyes stayed on one small opening in the ground.

The steam billowed out; there were a few small spurts upward and everyone waited for the grand fountain of water to burst from the ground. Then those few small spurts died, and only steam poured from the cone-shaped mound. We checked our watches. It was time. Was the park’s prediction just a little off today? More people arrived, all hurrying to places where they could catch a glimpse of the spectacle. We don’t want to miss this…

 Then the water spurts came again, and this time they quickly grew. Rising further and further with each gush, white spray against the blue sky. Some gasped, some oohed and aahed, many snapped photos as fast as they could, trying to catch the highest leap, the one most amazing moment.

And then it was over, and people were chattering, checking their photos, estimating how high into the sky the plume had gone, smiling, satisfied … they had seen the famous Old Faithful.

I sat in the circle of benches around Old Faithful and watched the human show that day. No eyes left the mouth of the geyser for long; no one wanted to miss the grand show, the fantastic and impressive dazzle that nature has been putting on … how long? Since the beginning of the earth? In frozen winter and simmering summer, 24 hours a day, whether there is an audience or the arena is empty, that giant plume of water rises into the air, falls, rises and falls. An amazing fountain that no man invented or contrived.

God works in our lives like that. There is the steam, always the steam. Always the presence of God is in our lives, and we see manifestations of it every day in dozens of ways.

Then there are also the magnificent shows of His power, the eruptions into our earthly days of something that is eternal, something that is beyond us and our own intellect and invention. The hand of God moves in our lives, puts on a show that dazzles us.

And it happens on a regular basis. Old Faithful. More than anyone or anything, that is God. He is faithful. His power is always there, always steaming through our lives, erupting in magnificent ways on a regular basis. Watch. Catch the awe of His actions. Don’t miss it. Look for it every day.

The power of God in earthly lives. It’s a show not to be missed.


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