Hanging on to Hope: What do you hope for?

Yes! Spring is on its way to my corner of the world. Even on days when the temperature falls to single digits, something still says that winter is almost at an end, spring is coming. The light is changing, birds are singing new songs (probably not, but it seems so), the air even smells different. And the morning light comes earlier. Some celebrate warmer weather, some are happy to see the end of snow and ice. I am delighted that I can once again take my morning walk just as the world moves from darkness to the dawn.

My walking route takes me west, first, then I turn east. And, if I’ve timed it right, I catch the eastern sky just beginning to glow, sometimes in pale shades of pink and blue, sometimes in whites and yellows.

On some mornings, clouds huddle on the horizon as the light begins to come. The rising sun, still unseen, edges the gray and blue clouds in golds and pinks. Rays escape the dark wall of clouds, bursting upward and outward.

Such a sky always reminds me: There is life beyond this moment. The future shines beyond today’s clouds. God has much more for us. We just cannot see it right now, because today there might be too many dark things piled up in front of us. But hope shines beyond the clouds.

What can Christians hope for? The quick answer is, A life beyond this life. That’s true, but is that all that the Father has for us? Can we hope for something in this life also? What if we feel no hope? What if we are so overwhelmed by today’s troubles that everything looks hopeless?

If someone today asks you, “What hope do Christians have?” what would your answer be? Skip the clichés and the religious phrases you’ve heard all your life, and be honest with yourself–exactly what is it that you hope for?

I want to know what hope it is that the Father has given His children.

Think about it.

Spirit, open the eyes of our hearts, that we may know the hope to which we’re called.

(This post asks the question. To read more about exactly what Christians hope for, read a good summary here: https://livingaschildrenofgod.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/what-do-you-hope-for/, and find much more by clicking on the category at the right labeled “Inheritance: Hope”)

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