Do you believe John 3:16?

I just came from an online forum, a discussion group on the Internet for writers. The discussions cover all the subjects that you would normally hear discussed in any workplace break room, everything from writing and marketing techniques to dating advice and finding homes for stray cats.

One lady talked about her spiritual journey and wondered where others stood, what they believed. Oh, my! What a range of belief, non-belief, doubters, seekers, deny-ers (what should that word be?) So many of them said, “I’m confused. I’m just not sure what to believe.”

It forced me to take a look at the basis of my own beliefs, and when I typed it out, I realized what I was typing was everything outlined in John 3:16.

This is one of those verses that many of you have known forever … you can’t remember a time when you did not know it. And so we are in danger, sometimes, of not hearing it.

But this is what I am standing on, what my life depends on: God loves the world. He offers us LIFE, life here and now, and another eternal life after this temporary one. And He does not leave us alone to grope through the darkness, trying to find the way to life; God came into human history as Jesus to provide and show us the way.

This is not what I planned to post today, but after visiting that writers’ forum and reading all the questioning, doubt, searching, scoffing, and uncertainty from others, then this one verse suddenly took on a magnificence and clarity that I had not experienced before when reading the words.

It is the answer. Yes, there is a God who loves us, and He came into our world to give us life now and life after now.

Think about that today, child of God. If you really believe John 3:16, doesn’t that change everything?

3 thoughts on “Do you believe John 3:16?

  1. I was a part of that writer’s discussion last night. It was so nice to have your comments to provide further clarity. People believe what they want to believe and much centers around self and has little to do with God. Blessings in your life and in your writings.

  2. Elaine, I wish there was a “Like” button to hit like I do on Facebook. These blogs are so right on for me. Gives me lots to think about . . . thanks!

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