Your Inheritance

Now then, on to this business about our inheritance. The bottom line? Hope. Riches. Power. You’re a child of God, an heir, and this is what He has for you.

Stop for a moment and let that sink in. Hope. Riches. Power.

Wow. Does any one of those three things get you excited?  Maybe all three of ’em?

Here’s the Scripture:

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.


I needed to know three things. I needed to know exactly what hope God offers. I wanted to know what riches God promises. And what’s this about great power for us who believe?

Oh, yes. There was one more thing I wanted to know: How does all that become visible in my life?

I desperately wanted to know. And so I went searching, listening to learn what God says. It is amazing how much the Scriptures tell us about these things, and how often — when you’re looking — you can see hope, riches, and power pouring into your life.

That is the purpose of these little posts, to remind us constantly who we are and what we have been given as children of God, to keep us alert to the presence of God in our lives, to help us know our Father better.

The word inheritance carries the idea of “maybe something, sometime.” But wouldn’t it be wonderful to have access to and benefit from your inheritance now? Will the children of God have only some future reward, an inheritance coming some other day in another realm of golden streets and no night?

So here’s my question. I know the whole body of Scripture says these things are for the children of God today, here and now. But I can’t put my finger on one or two verses in particular that promise us the inheritance is not only coming in the future, but is also for our lives this very moment.

Help me out here, and tell us what Scripture assures you that our inheritance of hope, riches, and power is for us today.

Spirit, open our eyes to see what God has for his children. 


Scripture: Eph 1:18-19a (NIV)

One thought on “Your Inheritance

  1. I am still thinking about the “adoption as sons” issue, for several reasons. One, because yesterday I came across the verses in Romans 8 about receiving the spirit of adoption while looking for something else. WOW, God chose us.
    And also because of our precious little Brayden, adopted several years ago. We love him so much, and we want EVERYTHING for him that we could possibly give him.
    We don’t look at him and think that he wasn’t “born” to Sheldon and Kelley, and that if there is anything left–material things, love, energy, time– then we will allow him a portion.. If he does well, acts right, makes something of his life, then we will “claim him” as ours.
    NO!!! We look at him as OURS!! In all of life. And we will do everything in our power to help him become and achieve and be a blessing to others.
    And that is only a tiny fraction of the way God looks at us in love.
    Boggles my mind.

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