A New Thing

New Year’s Day. Seems like a fitting time to begin a new cyber-venture. So here it is.

At last!

Others have claimed the title, but I feel I have a fair shot at being crowned World’s Greatest Procrastinator. Some of you have kept nudging me forward, asking and encouraging me to do this, so already this blog is a joint venture.

If you’re hoping for an online journal of my most adventurous and fascinating life…sorry. Not here. This site will be about listening to the words of our Father, letting the Spirit work, living our days on this earth as children of the Lord of the universe.

If, in the next weeks and months, you find these posts helpful, feel free to Tweet, post a link, chat on Facebook, email, call a friend — in whatever way you communicate these days. And if you want to contribute a guest post, contact me. I’m hoping to feature many of those.

Today, I’m going to start out with one short thought, the verse that’s been following me this week:

His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

This is the reason we will focus on Scripture. Our Father’s promises, His words to us, are the only thing we can truly rely on as we pick our way through the litter and trash of this world. We can depend on His words to protect us, encourage us, and strengthen us.

The question for each of us: Do you believe what He says?

Scriptures: Ps 91:4 (NLT)

4 thoughts on “A New Thing

  1. Yes, I do believe what God says in his Word. There are a lot of differences in interpretation. But I do believe the Word of God is our armour and I am looking forward to getting involved with this blog. But for today I wish blessings on you Elaine and all of you reading this. I pray that God will reveal himself in a very intimate way to each and everyone of us. Happy New Year to all of you!!!

  2. Thank you so much Elaine for this blog and congrats on this venture. I always thought about creating a blog where I could share about my relationship with Christ because He means so much to me. And I feel I have much to share but sometimes when I do “share” with my kids it seems like their eyes start glazing over!!! You know…”It’s just mom preaching again.” So I have always kind of backed away from sharing too much. I would probably be considered a fanatic. See, I am already rambling on so I will stop. Thanks again and sign me up. 🙂

    • Hi, Bonnie. Thanks for your comments. And please just ramble on whenever you feel led to do so! That’s the purpose of this site, for us to encourage and inspire each other.

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