Introducing: New Friday Specials by Phil Cate

For the next few months, Phil Cate will be sharing his story in weekly installments. Each Friday we’ll have a new chapter for you. When Phil first sent me his manuscript several years ago, I sat up until 2 a.m. reading his story; and I am so happy to have permission to share it now with you.

Although the details of our journeys may differ, all of the children of God face many of the same obstacles, both within and without. Phil is a fellow pilgrim. He also runs this race and understands how easily we pick up burdens that should instead be cast aside. This is the story of his journey and what he has learned along the way.

Phil is a resident of the Atlanta, Georgia, metro area and runs a small medical equipment resale business. He is available for speaking engagements and can be reached at or by phone at 678-429-0901.

He welcomes feedback, questions, and encouragement.

Watch for a new chapter from him each Friday. We begin tomorrow!

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